Post Punk Kitchen Gingerbread Cookies and how to make cookie decorations

It’s Christmas cookie time! We’ll eat half of these practically straight out of the oven and half will go into the freezer. I’ll make a different kind of cookie sometime next week and freeze half of those. Then, we’ll have two kinds on hand for Christmas weekend.
These are the Gingerbread Cutout Cookies from the Post Punk Kitchen. Instead of gingerbread punks, I made stars, moons, hands, fish, Floridas, Texases (what?), cats and Christmas trees.I’ve noticed before that there is an inverse relationship to how easy cutout cookie dough is to work with, and how tasty the cookies are. So, when this dough turned out to be rather sticky, I wasn’t upset, as I knew the cookies would be very tender and flavorful, despite coming out of the oven a bit misshapen.

Tender cookies aren’t very good to decorate with, however. Especially in a warm, humid climate, they tend to crumble on the tree. So here’s how you make them sturdy and beautiful.
Cookies for the Christmas Tree, Not for Eating
1. Make all the cookies you plan to eat first, leaving yourself with slightly less dough than you think you need.
2. Take your flour back out of the pantry and start working more into the remaining dough. Whole wheat is best for the darker color, but any kind will do.
3. These cookies aren’t going to darken much when you bake them, so if your dough starts looking too light from the added flour, work in some cocoa powder.
4. After working as much flour as you can into the dough, roll and cut out cookies as usual. The dough will be stiff, but your cutouts will have neat edges and hold their shape well.
5. Make holes at the top of each cookie for ribbons or hooks. A plastic drinking straw works well for this.
6. Heat oven to 275 F.
7. Bake cookies for 20-30 minutes or until completely dry.
8. Since these cookies are made to be inedible, feel free to decorate with anything you want. Fabric paint works especially well. Just make sure your decorations are non-toxic if you have pets, as they may still think these are delicious treats.

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6 Responses

  1. Be sure to decorate some to hang on the tree for the Giant! Kittens! 😉

  2. It’s too late, they’ve all been eaten by the small humans. 😀

  3. Well Frisbee certainly enjoyed the ones you sent one year. The morning after I put them on the tree I found the fish cookie on the floor all nibbled around the edges. I’ve always wondered if she recognised it as a fish…

  4. Lol, I wonder if she recognized it as a cookie.

  5. Anonymous

    You wrote: “Especially in a warm, humid climate, they tend to crumble on the tree.” Oh, my dear, how I pine for a warm, humid climate!

  6. how I pine for a warm, humid climate!

    I pine for a Christmas tree.

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