Buffalo Things!

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This is just a quick shoutout to Morgan’s Spicy Buffalo “Chicken” Wraps with Ranch from Little House of Veggies. I made them last week and we liked them so much I made them again this week. I never do that – make the same thing two weeks in a row. They’re really easy, too. I used my own seitan, and needed a pound (half a recipe) for six wraps, but Morgan provides her own seitan recipe, too. The ranch dressing she makes for these is amazing all by itself.

I made three minor changes: I’m not a dill fan so I replaced half of it with tarragon in the ranch dressing. Also, I bought a milder bottled wing sauce and just slather it right on the seitan strips without making a separate sauce. They come out hotter this way, but there are plenty of cooling veggies to balance out the heat. Finally, speaking of veggies, I slipped a little celery in with the carrots and lettuce.

Make these!

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