House Favorites: Vegan – April Wrap Up

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We had a great first month for House Favorites: Vegan. Thank you, everybody, for helping me get this tasty event started. 

This time next year, I’m planning to put all of your entries into a “cookbook.” I’ll divide the year’s entries into catagories like Appetizers, Salads, Mains, etc. and list them all in a single table of contents with links. So keep your entries coming in!

This first entry is from Anna at Carrot and Potato Time. Recently she has been revisiting some of the recipes at VegWeb and has found the “mouthwatering” General Tao’s Tofu, which tastes like a restaurant dish. In addition to the link to the original recipe, Anna provides her variations and hints on coating and frying the tofu.

I grill a lot this time of year, and one recipe that I make at least once every spring and fall is Portobello Fajitas. This is a great recipe to share with omnivores, too. 

We have our first snack! Sala at Veggie Belly has updated classic samosas by putting them on a sticks to make Sweet Potato Samosa Pops. So cute, and so delicious.

Another great snack comes from Deb at Invisible Voices.  She has made these Kale Chips so many times they are “approaching chocolate chip cookie status.” Even her cat Jake likes them.

Veggie Mama at Life Beyond Lettuce gives us a potato two-fer with Sweet Potato Burritos & Roasted Mexican Potatoes. She wants you to know that the combination of sweet potatoes and beans is really good and the burritos freeze well. 
At La Caffettiera Rosa, Caffettiera reminisces about rainy vacation days in the mountains of Italy and feeding an army of family friends and cousins with Pasta e Fagioli. You can try her family recipe and then make it your own.

 I made a favorite soup, too, The Best Mushroom Soup.

Niv Mani makes an intriguing version of the classic Indian sundal, a stir-fry of beans or lentils, in Schezuan pepper spiced South Indian ‘Sundal’ at Iyer n’ Chef wannabe. She was pleased to discover that schezuan pepper pairs nicely with asafetida. 

Next, it’s Christmas! Okay, so it’s not even close to Christmas, but Johanna GGG of Green Gourmet Giraffe has a delicious Vegan Christmas Nut Roast to share. This looks to be warming and delicious any time of year.
Finally, when I made my old favorite recipe for Taco Salad this month, I couldn’t resist sharing.

I have loved all these recipes. I am officially inspired and want to try each and every one. I hope you all are inspired, too. I also hope you’ll enter something in this month’s event.

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6 Responses

  1. I have to say some of these dishes already are house favourites here -I’ve been doing kale chips every week when kale was in season, and now I’m looking for a summery substitute. I like you are saving it as a “cookbook” with categories – there is a lot of inspiration be taken here. Thanks for organising it!

  2. Everything looks so good. I’m wishing life wasn’t so crazy for me right now – I had every intention of blogging for this event for you. I’m actually a little shocked that April is over with already!!

  3. The pic of the cat scarfing up the Kale chips is so adorable, I’d love to try & make these!

  4. Every one of these dishes looks so appetizing! Thanks for putting it together!

  5. @Niv – I’m not very good at food photography (or food blogging) so I had to rely on a cute cat picture to distract people! 😉

    @Claire, I second lacaffettierarosa – thanks for organizing this! I will try to keep contributing. I figure someone needs to contribute to the “so simple does it really need a recipe?” category. 😉 And desserts! Clearly there is a hole to be filled there…

    It’s going to be fun to see what the cookbook looks like at the end of the year. Also will be interesting to see your strategy for turning it into a printable book (or an ebook, whichever you do)! Quite the undertaking!

  6. Caffettiera, I’ve made s a few of these too, and now I’m inspired to try new versions.

    Melissa, there’s always next month or the month after (hint).

    Niv Mani, Jake is very photogenic, isn’t he?

    Anna, thank you, too!

    Deb, I was only planning to make a web page as a year end wrap up, but I’ll have to think on an e-book. That could be interesting.

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