Black and White Wednesday – Light Bread

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This is the bread I made Monday. It’s probably the best bread I’ve ever baked. It rose so high! I’m sending this to Susan for Black and White Wednesday, the new event at her blog, The Well-Seasoned Cook. She started the event six weeks ago to showcase black and white food photography. I love the idea of shooting in black and white. Without the distraction of color, you can highlight light and texture to great effect. Like anything worth doing, though, black and white photography takes a bit of practice. It’s taken me this long to capture an image I wanted to show off!
I apologize for the lack of a post last week; I made something new for the blog, but it was too meh to post. Do you ever find recipes that seem too good to be true, but you make them anyway? It was one of those. However,  I’m making a House Favorite tonight – already on the blog, but I’ll update the original post and enter it in this month’s event – and another tomorrow, which I will definitely post as soon as I can.

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  1. Love it and would love it even more slathered with butter…for me, not the shot, although I’m sure it would make a fine one.

    Thanks, Claire, for sharing this great loaf for BWW.

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