For Black and White Wednesday

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These are some leek tops that I snapped on the way to the compost bin recently. So pretty, and so useless!  This is going out to Black and White Wednesday, by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook.
I’ve been feeling a bit like a leek top since this weekend. First I sprayed no-stick spray all over my laptop. It’s fine, but the next day, I dropped my food processor on the floor, upside down.  It’s a gonner. Then, I lost my cell phone not too long after that. It was logged in to my email, my Facebook account – everything.  This is one reason I hang on to old things as long as I can because both the food processor and phone needed to be replaced anyway. Christmas is just coming a tiny bit early.
All this self-induced chaos means I’m behind on everything! I promise to get the House Favorites wrap-up done in the next couple of days and I have some posts of actual food soon too.

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  1. Leek tops are not that useless – I add them to vegetable stock, and they lend some flavour to it (although exactly how much is difficult to tell with stocks!). Sorry to hear your misadventures these days..

  2. True, caffettiera. I haven’t been making stock lately so I didn’t think of that!

  3. So pretty. I thought it was the dried spoils of shucked fresh corn. It’ll make great compost. Since there’s Halloween candy all over the place already, I’ll bet your Xmas will come early this year. Sorry to hear about your vexing misfortunes. Thanks for the BWW photo.

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