Tomatoes and Garlic for Black & White Wednesday

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I keep a little basket of garlic on my kitchen window sill. When I buy tomatoes or avocados, I put those in the basket, too. I glanced at the basket recently and thought it was cute enough to snap a quick picture for Black and White Wednesday. This is the culinary photography event started by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook and now overseen by Cinzia of Cindystar. This week Simona of Bricioli is hosting.
By the way, if you ever see tiny bugs on your garlic, try keeping a few dried peppers or a piece of fresh ginger in the basket with them. The ginger will dry out pretty quickly but continue to work to repel the bugs for quite a few weeks. The peppers will work, and be worthy of cooking with, for months. (There are some dried peppers in the basket in the photo, you just can’t see them.)

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tip about keeping the bugs away, Claire. That’s a lovely composition of two essential ingredients. Thank you so much for contributing to BWW!

  2. A simply beautiful still life, Claire.

    And thanks for the tip on ginger. Now, if there was a cure for flour pests short of storing all starches in freezer, I could die a happy woman. 😀

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