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The whole summer seems to have slipped by without me writing a single blog post. There hasn’t been one big reason, just a lot of little ones that added up. When I realized about mid-summer how long it had been, I started to feel guilty about it. Guilt, though, is a terrible inspiration. So, more time went by. And here we are.

It’s going to be a while longer, I’m afraid. Right now, I’m really wanting to cook some dishes created by other people without the pressure to perfect them and make them my own. For now, I just want to cook and learn. I’ll be back when I have something unique to offer.

See you in the kitchen!

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Claire, sorry we won’t be seeing you around, but I completely understand the need to enjoy cooking, without the pressure of blogging. I hope you enjoy your hiatus and come back refreshed with lots of great ideas! :)

    • Thank you, Vaishy! By the way, I replied to you ages ago and just realized I put it in the spam folder. D’oh!

  2. I am fine with you not perfecting anything. Just share what you are making. We miss you!

  3. Yes! I cannot wait!!!

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