Whole Wheat Apricot and Pecan Bread

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I’ve always been more inclined to have toast for breakfast instead of cereal. Whole wheat bagels are my favorite. But have you ever noticed how commercial bakeries consider whole wheat a flavor? You can have blueberry or whole wheat. Sun-dried … Continued

Millet-pepita Bread

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Measuring ingredients for yeast bread need not be done precisely. You can just scoop out flour with a measuring cup, dump it in a bowl, and go. The trade-off to this ease is that no recipe can tell you exactly … Continued

Popcorn Focaccia

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Yes, you read that right. It’s focaccia made with popcorn! This audacious recipe comes from The Cornbread Book by Jeremy Jackson, and is easily the best focaccia I’ve ever made. It also makes an outstanding pizza crust.     First, … Continued

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