Lemon Pulihora (Indian Lemon Rice)

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Before the internet was full of cooking blogs, I found my favorite recipes in magazines. For some reason, I still find magazines more inspiring than cookbooks. It’s probably the photographs. Some of my favorite recipes have been the ones sent … Continued

Oven-dried Tomatoes

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I got this recipe from my friend Melissa of The Papaya Chronicles, but I’ve changed it somewhat. She, in turn, got it from a cookbook by Alton Brown, but changed the recipe for her tastes. The biggest change I made … Continued

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower

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There are a lot of vegetables I never ate before becoming a vegetarian, including cauliflower. I only wish I had known what I was missing years ago. Roasted cauliflower is especially sublime. I had leftover eggplant the other night, so … Continued

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