Cheesy Vegan Mushroom and Roasted Pepper Lasagna

Posted on Sep 19th, 2012

A few weeks ago when I was trying to use up some ingredients languishing in my pantry, I made the ugliest mac and cheese ever. I had some leftover no-boil lasagna noodles that weren't enough for a whole pan, so I broke them…

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Creamy Baked Spinach and Mushroom Rotini

Posted on Jan 3rd, 2012

Cold weather makes me crave baked casseroles like this one.  Spinach, mushrooms and fusilli are enhanced with an herb and vegetable flavored white sauce and topped with crisp bread crumbs. This makes enough for eight…

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Eggplant and Farfalle Gratin

Posted on Mar 22nd, 2011

Even here in South Texas it seems like winter hangs on longer than it should. Sometimes nothing else will warm you up but a creamy casserole from the oven. This combination of eggplant and farfalle (bow tie pasta) fills the…

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Farfalle Salad with Asparagus and Mushrooms

Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

The asparagus has been gorgeous this year. Skinny and tender, it requires just the tiniest bit of steaming, then a hint of lemon and salt. Every time I would normally have a salad, I've been serving asparagus instead. I'm…

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Kasha Varniskes

Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

This is one of those dishes that is way more delicious than merely the sum of it's ingredients. It's also a lot prettier than a brown and white dish has the right to be. Purists will tell you that chicken broth or even…

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Kung Pao Spaghetti

Posted on Mar 14th, 2013

I've been making a lot of quick and easy recipes lately. Usually, they are dishes like sandwiches or soup. Pasta is nearly always quick too. As much as I love to cook, I still need lots of recipes like this in my repertoire.…

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Lasagna Bolognese

Posted on Jul 26th, 2010

When I was a child, my mom made the best spaghetti. It was more than the meat in tomato sauce that most people made. She got the recipe from an Italian neighbor and it had all kinds of good stuff in it - celery, carrots, and…

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Linguini with Spinach, Avocado and Cilantro

Posted on May 4th, 2013

  [This is the second of three recipes I provided for the beta launch of Foodie.com in February of 2012. The site has just undergone a redesign. Thus, I’m republishing the recipes here so that they can link to them from…

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Mafalde with Creamy Spinach Sauce

Posted on Dec 14th, 2010

I wasn't going to post this recipe yet. Yeah, I was going to hold out on y'all. I have promised Ruth I'd host a Presto Pasta Nights in January, and I wanted to have something creative to offer to the event myself that week.…

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Mushroom Ravioli with Roasted Tomatoes Garlic and Basil

Posted on Nov 6th, 2013

Sometimes it seems like there are no original recipe ideas. But even so, there can be original recipes! My grocery store sells amazing porcini mushroom ravioli in the frozen foods section. It makes getting dinner on the…

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Orzo Salad with Almond Feta

Posted on Oct 19th, 2010

My regular supermarket gives cooking demonstrations all day, every day. After a while, I started to tune them out. However, when recently one of the chefs started listing what was in the dish she was cooking, it sounded…

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Pasta Salad with Smoky Tofu and Homemade Ranch Dressing

Posted on Jun 21st, 2013

  I've been craving picnic food lately, which is weird, because it's too hot for a picnic in South Texas right now. However, I've been grilling a lot lately, and make-ahead foods suitable for a picnic make great…

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Pear Walnut and Almond Feta Pizza

Posted on Nov 14th, 2010

By now, you probably know that Daiya vegan cheese makes an excellent classic pizza. You might have even made one yourself. But what about those specialty pizzas that better restaurants are so fond of? Well, I've got you…

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Rigatoni with Kabocha Squash-Sage-Walnut Sauce

Posted on Jul 6th, 2011

I'm very lucky to have a large Asian market that is on the way to the big supermarket where I usually shop. I can head out shopping and come home with just about any ingredient you could ask for. The Asian market is a bit…

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Rigatoni with Summer Squash, Vegan Sausage and Breadcrumbs

Posted on Jun 8th, 2011

Squirrels* are jerks**. First, in February, they ate all my cauliflower, just as the first one or two were starting to bloom. Then in  April, as soon as I set out my squash seedlings, which were also just starting to bloom,…

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Soba Noodles with Roasted Cauliflower and Mushrooms

Posted on Aug 11th, 2010

It's time to clean out the pantry and make a list of ingredients that are languishing so that I can use them up. I found some soba noodles I didn't know I had and remembered Noodles with Mushrooms and Lemon Dressing from…

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Some Like it Hot: Spicy Rice Noodle Stir Fry

Posted on Nov 8th, 2010

Did I mention that I'm crazy about the sauce from Gobi Manchurian? Well, let me tell you again, then: I am crazy about this sauce. The whole tablespoon of Sriracha probably has a lot to do with this. This time I used it in a…

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Spaghetti with Arugula-basil Pesto

Posted on Aug 1st, 2010

Did you know that you can plant arugula seeds eleven months out of the year in Houston? At least according to my gardening bible*, you can. I've only had a vegetable garden for a couple of years and I'm still quite the…

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Spicy Peanut Pasta

Posted on Jun 9th, 2010

A group of us have been exchanging recipes on VegPeople for years. We each have a handful of classics that we recommend to each other frequently.  Valerie's Spicy Peanut Pasta is one of these. When I realized recently that…

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Thai Curry Rice Noodles and Tofu

Posted on Aug 20th, 2012

This is another one of those recipes I had no intention of blogging about. It was just going to be a quick veggie-tofu-noodle something to use up some ingredients and get dinner on the table. I took one bite and decided I…

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Thai Tofu Noodle Soup

Posted on Oct 12th, 2010

I haven't been vegetable gardening for long, and this spring was the first time I planted my garden from seeds instead of buying plants. It was also the first time I planted basil in the garden, instead of in pots. I planted…

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Vegan Greek Eggplant Lasagna

Posted on Oct 25th, 2013

Is there anything better than a plate of warm, rich lasagna on a chilly night? I don't think so, unless it's a plate of lasagna, a crisp green salad, and a glass of wine. I had been thinking of making moussaka again, and…

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Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

Posted on Sep 1st, 2011

The first time I tasted Daiya vegan cheese, I thought its rich and creamy flavor would be perfect for making mac and cheese. I had half a package in my freezer left over from making enchiladas, so I gave it a try. I used the…

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