Apple Cake for Weekie

Posted on Jan 19th, 2011

Picture by Tylertronic. In the summer of 1998, my family and I visited the SPCA planning to adopt a couple of kittens. As we walked past the glass-front cages admired all the cuties and…

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Banana Pecan Spice Cake

Posted on Jul 11th, 2010

I had three over-ripe bananas sitting on my counter, but I didn't feel like banana muffins. I really wanted pumpkin cake. Meanwhile, the bananas continued to ripen... That's it! Pumpkin pie spices and molasses! I found my…

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Birthday Cupcakes

Posted on Sep 10th, 2010

Wednesday was Jim's birthday. Time for cake! Except that a few years ago, we figured out that a whole cake was too much for us to eat. We love sugar, but in smaller doses, please. Our new tradition is to halve the cake…

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Black Bottom Banana Spice Pie

Posted on Feb 28th, 2012

A couple of summers ago, I made the happy discovery that you can substitute bananas for pumpkin in a cake or muffins. Ever since then, I've been wondering if it would work with pie. It does! I took my basic pumpkin pie…

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Christmas in February: Apple Cream-Cheese Bundt Cake

Posted on Feb 19th, 2014

I have thirty-one recipes in my queue waiting for me to take photos and post them. This is part of my attempt to get them out to you. Here is the first Christmas in… recipe. Years ago, sometime in the 80s, someone gave…

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Irish Cream Cheesecake Cake

Posted on Mar 13th, 2012

This is lighter than a conventional cheesecake but richer than a regular cake. I flavored this like Irish cream in honor of St. Patrick's Day but I'm imagining all kinds of flavor combinations you could make with this.…

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The Best Pie Ever and a Skinny Hypoallergenic Christmas Tree

Posted on Nov 26th, 2010

Nobody at my house wants me to experiment for Thanksgiving dinner. If they can have a big pile of veggie chicken and duck from the Asian market, mashed potatoes - lots and lots of mashed potatoes - and pumpkin pie, they're…

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Vegan Cherry-Berry Bundt Cake with a Lemon Glaze

Posted on Jul 9th, 2013

I'm over cupcakes. My new love is Bundt cake. I love making a single cake and topping with a simple glaze. It's easy, and it lets the cake be the star, not the icing.At Christmas, I made a veganized version of this…

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White Russian Cupcakes and What The F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?

Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

We just got back from the best vacation ever. We flew to Los Angeles, spent a couple of days in Southern California, then spent another couple of days driving up the coast to San Francisco. We turned in our rental car, spent…

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